Monday, May 23, 2011

Let's get updated with what's going on with Massage Therapy

I strongly endorse and recommend all schools and educators to become members of the Alliance of Massage Education. It is my belief that this organization will be the leading force of massage education. After attending the conference, it is clear to me that this organization, along with the Massage Research Foundation, will be the leading force for the future of
therapeutic massage.

All massage therapists need to read The
Massage Therapy Body of Knowledge document at This landmark document has captured the current and future knowledge of our profession and determined knowledge for entry level massage therapy education.

I am proud that my textbooks
Fundamentals of Therapeutic Massage and Essential Sciences of Therapeutic Massage both reflect the content of Body of Knowledge for Massage Therapy and the curriculum at my school, Health Enrichment Center, covers the Body of Knowledge content, too.

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