Saturday, November 19, 2011

Essential Oils

At this time of year, I usually have a desire to start creating some essential oils. Of course, my favorite would be the oil made from my Great Grandmothers rose bush. Those whom are not familiar with rose oil would be amazed at all the benefits that are found in it. When I think it was made from my Grandmothers rose bush it makes it all the more special. The beauty of a red rose bush and the smell is something you always remember. I need to find a picture of my Grandmas rose bush and scan it in and post. What sweet smelling memories.

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  1. My clients really like the "bruise oil" from AP class. The AP classes are a key element in retaining my clientele. They like the assurance of "quality" care that comes from me keeping up to date with "valid" continuing education. I found in the past twenty years of practice that it is the "higher" thinkers who understand the importance of a maintenance health program, and will commit to pre-scheduling their appointments. The "higher" thinkers like to know that I am also committed to providing the best care possible when they come in for their routine weekly or bi-weekly visits. AP class also offers topics of information that can help keep the conversation focused on the client and "their" concerns. Thank you so much Sandy for our wonderful Advanced Practitioner classes. They really help my business thrive.