Sunday, July 22, 2012

Actively Involving Students in the Classroom

For some reason teachers think that they must stand up in front of the classroom and deliver information to students. Often this is the least effective method of teaching. Today in the classroom at my school- Health Enrichment Center, Lapeer Mi. the students were given the task of researching a body system. They had to include anatomy, physiology, common pathologies, and research (pubmed) if possible to support the benefits of massage on this system. The students were then given two hours to develop the presentaton which had to include the use of media, examples and demonstration. Following are some pictures of what they did, how technology what used in the classroom and what they learned. Using this process the learning outcomes involve multiple levels including: problem solving, clinical reasoning, reasearch literacy, communication skills, ability to explain and justify massage benefits and of course anatomy, physiology and pathology. I observed, commented when necessary and asked questions during each presentation. And of course took pictures. You will see that the student may not have liked the project but had fun and learned anyway.

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  1. Thanks Sandy .. We have been doing this with our Students for a while now...