Friday, September 20, 2013


It is frustrating for me and many others I suspect when I just have to wait on results.  That is what I am doing now-waiting.  I keep thinking that there is something I should be doing but there is no value right now for me to do anything but what to see what others end up doing.  I will be at the  AMTA convention next week in Texas.  Ed Mohr, one of the graduates from my school will be presenting at the convention and I am excited about that.

Reducing Injury and Increasing Output With Proper Body Mechanics (Hands-on)

Instructor: Edward G. Mohr
Edward Mohr developed and managed the ergonomics program at General Motors, dealing with the elimination of work related stressors. Upon retirement, he became a massage therapist and utilized his prior knowledge of the capabilities and limitations of the body to analyze the work related stressors of massage therapists.

I am waiting for my fall entry level massage training program to begin first of October.  It really surprises me how sometimes you can do everything right and it still does not always work out the way you want.  I believe that I have developed an excellent curriculum for massage education.  I have written the major textbooks for crying out loud.  My school - Health Enrichment Center - has been in business for since 1984.  The graduates typically have jobs before they graduate. The school reputation is excellent and yet I continue to struggle to get a sustainable  enrollment.  Class size is limited to 12 and I teach a large portion of the program.  Tuition is reasonable-$7000 including books for a 600 hour program.  Scheduling is flexible and program is completed in 12 months part time.  I do not participate in financial aid but offer in house reasonable payment plans.  The downside.  I live in Michigan a state that is still reeling from the economic down turn. This seems to be the major issue and there is little I can do about that but wait it out.

I am waiting to find out what revisions have been made to the  ELAP  Entry Level Analysis Project.  I have been as influential as I know how to be.  My intentions are based on the best future for the massage profession and all I can do is hope that enough people commented on the surveys and that the committee pays attention.  I want to see all the raw data which is expected for a valid research project and I am waiting to find out how I will have to adapt based on the results.

Right now I am waiting on a client. I work with professional football players primarily and provide 10 -12 sessions per week. (sometimes more).  Not bad for being in practice for 34 years and 60 years old.

I am waiting to find out what the AMTA is going to actively do about supporting massage inclusion in the Affordable Care Act. AMTA is the "for real" professional association representing Massage Therapy.  The ABMP is a private business entity and while Les Sweeney and his staff provide excellent services  to the massage community it is not their responsibility to take an active role.  I would be nice if they contributed money and other resources  but not their job.

So it is a waiting time. Waiting patiently and attentively is an important contribution .  I am paying attention and being productive.  I have really enjoyed taking Coursera college courses during this waiting time.Instructional Methods in Health Professions Education is the one I am finishing soon and will start  Going Out on a Limb: The Anatomy of the Upper Limb next week.  Woot Woot. they are FREE!

So I no longer need to wait on my client.  He is here.

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