Saturday, January 28, 2012


I have been participating on a great discussion the status of massage education and practice. Check it out.

We are so close and yet so far.

 I am just putting final polish on the revision for Fundamentals of Therapeutic Massage and Essential Sciences for Therapeutic Massage. So much hard work by so many people. On to the next revision-no complaints.  Revisions keep me current. 

I have been sick with the norovirus for the last three days. What a great intestinal cleanse. Those that know me well can imagine the metaphors I am able to come up with based on these last three days.  I shall only share one with great value-

Beware of sneeze---- Use your imagination. 

Started a new class at Health Enrichment on Thursday and they seen like a great group.  They are young and that is good too.  Fits with my vision of preparing the next generation of leaders in the massage profession.

Have had to make difficult decisions that last few weeks- any of you reading this have experienced decision making as well.   I teach the following process:

Identify the problem
Gather the facts
Generate possible solutions
Analyze each solution based on logical pros and cons and the feelings of people involved
Choose the solution which has the best potential for a successful outcome
Implement the decision plan
Monitor and adjust as necessary
Reevaluate and make adjustments

Back to the discussion going on at the link above-- The leaders in the massage community need to make some difficult decisions.   I hope we can do this pretty soon. 

Back to the norovirus--pesky little pathogen that can really spread.  This is the little microbe that can make a whole school close down with the "stomach flu".  What if the massage community were to get infected with a pesky little group of change agents that could move the profession through this need for change? I know when this virus completes the cycle I will feel much better even though the last few days have been unpleasant. The metaphor is not perfect since it is actually my immune system working hard to get rid of the critters that is causing all my symptoms- and I am sure there is a great metaphor in that statement as well- however, I need to focus on the rumble occurring in my belly right now.

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