Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Massage Tips

  • The best gift a massage therapist can give is to give a massage that feels good and nurtures the person because no other professional can provide this for a person that is hurting. 
  • Body Mechanics - always check your body mechanics. If it feels awkward, or you feel like you're straining, you probably are.
  • Contraindications should always be considered and not overlooked.

  • Leverage = increased pressure levels not pushing harder.

  • Learn to limit the use of the fingers and thumbs while giving a massage. Especially avoid using your thumbs.

  • Use indirect functional techniques to normalize tissue and joint movement  and  trigger points.

  • A valuable goal when working with people with chronic conditions is to help the patient rediscover that each person is in charge of her or his own life, and the illness or injury is not. The health condition may have been allowed to take over the person's life and personal power but the person is still in charge.

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