Thursday, December 20, 2012


This is a picture of a Christmas Bird that my granddaughter made.  She is 5 years old.  How can we question the hope for our future when these little ones bring blessings.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

I been around a long time and-----

I been around a long time and-----

The massage profession still does not have a definition of massage

Why is this so difficult?  When I provide massage I use my body to apply a mechanical force to the client’s body. The intent is the help and not harm. I adapt the type and intensity and location of the mechanical force to best influence the physiology I am attempting to influence.  What physiology can I influence? Well we really don’t know all this for sure however there is certainly stimulus from the massage application to the sensory aspect of the nervous system.  There appears to be indirect affect to the autonomic nervous system-i.e. sympathetic /parasympathetic which would then influence the neuroendocrine physiology.  Maybe massage can influence fluid movement-blood and lymph both directly and indirectly – maybe …..So in this situation the massage application should mimic the body’s own fluid movement physiology. Massage appears to help people relax especially when it is provided in a general full body rhythmic manner with sufficient non painful pressure.  Somehow a really good massage helps most people move better with less stiffness-Fascia pliability? Nerve stimulation? Both?

Why do we need to complicate the issue so much?


I been around a long time and----------

The massage organizations just can’t seem to work together to present a unified position.  I truly get so frustrated with this. Why can’t each organization do it’s job and support the other organizations to do their jobs.  Why can’t the AMTA be a really excellent nonprofit member organization?  Why can’t the Federation of State Massage Boards be about licensing and that’s it? Why can’t the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork focus on real quality and meaningful certification and professional development including continuing education?  Why can’t the ABMP- a for profit organization- be and excellent support for massage therapists and offer products –like insurance, practice building materials and so forth to help the profession and why can’t all the organizations support the Massage Therapy Foundation, COMTA and the Alliance for Massage Therapy Education. And finally---WHY CAN’T ALL THESE ORGANIZATION WORK TOGETHER TO HAVE ONE COMBINED MEETING AT AN AFFORDABLE LOCATION SO MORE PEOPLE CAN ATTEND????????


 I been around a long time and----------

When will there be an agreed upon entry level curriculum recommendation  provided as a guide to schools so that the educators can teach a quality program and graduates are able to perform a quality massage –not a fancy massage with lots of gimmicks- a really good massage and be able to do enough massage sessions a week to make a living without hurting themselves.  Of course this would require a for real BIOMECHANICS AND ERGONOMICS studies.

I been around a long time and-----------